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Dave and Barbara Dorman (Owners)

About Me

I joined the USAF in 1973 and over my time of service was trained and gained experience as a dental assistant, expanded duty assistant, dental hygienist (working primarily with a periodontist), supervisor, trainer, head of supplies and assistant manager of a clinic. Responsibilities and duties included seeing patients, conducting preventive dentistry programs and counseling for adults and children, training other assistants and hygienists, managing personnel, supplies, and equipment for a multi-doctor clinic.

Upon leaving the Air Force in 1984,I worked for various doctors and clinics in like capacity until presented with an opportunity to work at a crown and bridge lab for 5 years. Soon after that I was offered a position at a large orthodontic lab where I worked for 5 more years until going out on my own in late 2003.

The primary focus of my lab is to provide doctors with the quality appliances they need to facilitate patient treatment. I mainly do work for orthodontic and pediatric dentists, however I do provide many appliances to general practices also. I fabricate everything from retainers to fixed, active, and space maintenance appliances; As well as deprogrammers, flippers, nightguards, bleaching trays and sportsguards. I am always willing to learn new appliances and enjoy the challenge of customization and "outside of the box" thinking to meet specific, out of the norm requirements.

I have been involved with Belize Mission Project since 2007. The purpose of BMP is to honor God by helping those less fortunate. For twenty years, BMP has done this with medical/dental volunteers, who give of themselves and travel to Central America to minister to the poor by providing free medical and dental care. This rewarding experience has become a marker in my life and very dear to me.

For more information on the Belize Mission Project, click here. Donations are always welcome to help offset the expenses incurred with participating in this annual event.

I am also a member in good standing with friends of Bill W.

Thank you for taking the time to visit this website, and I look forward to working with you!


Dave Dorman, Owner.