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Kent R. Hawkins, DDS- Marysville, OH

"With great enthusiasm, I'd like to recommend Dave Dorman to anyone interested in his services. I was introduced to Dave by Dr. Bo Bruce after taking a course in Greenville, SC. I started doing "Bruce" antrerior deprogrammers. Dave has made me a few dozen of these devices and I have yet to adjust one of them. He has modified them for interim partial dentures (flippers) for implants in the healing phase. We also have done very nice multiple teeth interim partials to patients who aren't in a position to do anything else. My patients actually are eating with them. The esthetics are great and predictability on seating is amazing. When I send them to my surgeon or deliver them to a nursing home, I know they're going right in. Dave is very talented, but his greatest asset is his heart. He is very easy to work with, understands my needs and offers me great tips and ultimately is most concerned about my patients care. Thank you, Dave."

Ben Saunders Pediatric Dentistry- Marianna, FL

"Perfect Touch is an excellent lab. We are a pediatric dental office and the majority of out lab needs are pedo/ortho appliances. The appliances are always well made and easily customizable. Perfect Touch is creative about unique requests and always timely with their service. Anytime appliances have been broken by a child they fixed them without hesitation.

We have used Perfect touch for almost all of our dental lab needs since May 2005. Before discovering Perfect Touch Lab, we had to use several labs to meet our practice demands. We had become accustomed to rescheduling appointments due to the delay in receiving cases. On many occasions when we received cases from our old labs we had to re-send them for re-fabrication or adjustments which further delayed our patients' treatment."

P. Gard Lorey, D.D.S., P.C., Smiles of Skaneateles- Skaneateles, NY

"Dave Dorman has provided excellent orthodontic laboratory work for our practice since 2001. During that time, Dave has proven a valuable resource for many orthodontic situations. His years of experience have proven very beneficial for knowing what works well to move teeth and what doesn't.

Dave has fabricated a variety of different appliances for us, from fixed banded to complex removable appliances. His appliance construction is outstanding with high quality and excellent attention to detail. His knowledge of the choices of appliances and treatments has proven very helpful and provides us with numerous different possibilities for treatment options.

Dave also has a good understanding of what patients find tolerable and how well they do with compliance. Dave does very well in keeping on schedule. His appliances are always delivered when promised. He is hard working, professional, and honest which makes it a pleasure to share a business relationship with him."

Dr. J. Franklin Whipps Orthodontics, (Director of Belize Mission Project)- Centralia, IL

"I want to take this opportunity to thank Dave Dorman for all of his effort with the Belize Mission Project. The Belize Mission Project is a Group of medical and dental professionals along with all types of assistants, that for the past 20 years, have rendered free care to the people of Belize. Dave has been an integral part of these efforts in that for several years he has restored smiles to dozens of people by constructing prosthetic appliances. It is quite rewarding to see the smile and confidence brought to someone by replacing missing teeth."

David Hall, DDS- Garner, NC

"I have been working with David for about seven years now. I have been so very thankful to find a technician that is experienced in the dental office. He is very detailed in his work. I don't have to ever worry about trying to fit a retainer or a splint. David makes the most amazing flippers for patients during the interim for implants. What is so nice is that he can help problem solve extremely well. We talk over cases and David always comes up with a solution. If you are looking for prompt accurate and innovative lab try my friend, David Dorman."

Jep Paschal, DMD, MS- Madison, GA

"I have had the pleasure of working with Dave Dorman and Perfect Touch Lab for 9 years now, and I can honestly say he has NEVER let us down. His work ethic is simply awesome. We can always count on Perfect Touch to deliver high quality appliances that fit! This proves to increase our profitability as a practice since we never have remakes with the appliances that Perfect Touch delivers. In addition, Dave Dorman's orthodontic lab knowledge can be invaluable when it comes to designing new and innovative appliances. We are proud to work with Dave Dorman and highly recommend Perfect Touch for your practice."

Kathleen Monn, DMD, Pediatric Dentist- Anderson, SC

"I have been in dentistry for almost 15 years and have the opportunity to work with multiple labs. Perfect Touch is quite simply the best lab I have worked with. I rarely have to adjust any of the appliances I receive and being a pediatric dentist, this is extremely important! The turnaround time is phenomenal and Dave is always available for questions. Although the work is great, the best part about Perfect Touch lab is Dave Dorman. He knows his craft and does exceptional work. Being a pediatric dentist presents unique challenges that conventional appliance therapy may not address. Dave can think outside the box and is willing to spend the time coming up with a treatment that is effective. Dave also gives back outside of the lab. He is actively involved with mission work and after spending time talking to him, I know that he is truly committed to a higher purpose. You will not find better work or a better person to team with then Dave Dorman and Perfect Touch lab."